Dara Etefaghi - Tef Dara - Algorithmic Audiovisual Composition - Game Art - Art Game - Audiovisual Art


A real-time audiovisual composition, built in the Unity engine

Exhibited at:

Talbot Rice Gallery, May-June 2018, Edinburgh


A multi-display/multi-channel audio-visual performance built in the Unity engine

Perfomed at:

Paradigm festival, Nov 2017, Edinburgh

Edinburgh University, Jan 2018

MX11 (2015)

Generative composition made in Max

HarmLight (2015)

3D texture mapping experiment

Made in Max and Unity

Lineament - VR (2016)

Built in the Unity engine

Procedurally generated composition

MX9 (2014)

Custom audiovisual sequencer exerpts

This-Name (2015)

Custom audiovisual sequencer exerpts